• LinkedIn Open Sources WhereHows Data Discovery and Lineage Portal
    [March 7, 2016] LinkedIn announced that it is open sourcing its WhereHows data discovery and lineage portal. WhereHows is made up of a data repository to store metadata content, a web server that surfaces the data through a UI and an API, and a backend server that periodically fetches metadata from other systems. As far as the metadata […]
  • Chrome Extensions You Should Install for SEO
    [February 5, 2016] There are a TON of SEO specific tool extensions that exist already. And most of them do the same thing as the others. However, when it comes to working online nothing can make your job easier than plugins/addons for your browser to help speed things along outside of the routine SEO toolbars. I recently came […]
  • Changing URLs? You’d Better Have a Really Good Reason!
    [December 1, 2015] For years, SEOs have cautioned businesses against changing their site URLs for “SEO” purposes. Ever since web marketers believed keywords used in URLs carried weight in the algorithm, there was always someone looking to update their URLs to get better rankings. Most SEOs knew that the value gained was usually less than the value lost […]
  • Advice On Transferring Optimized Content
    [October 30, 2015] Ensuring optimized content is properly transferred to a new website is just one of the reasons you want to get an SEO involved in the development stage of a new site. Web designers are typically just focused on the new site and don’t think about what is necessary to maintain previous optimization efforts. In most […]
  • Google’s Giving Advice On How To Use Admob Banners
    [September 25, 2015] Google announced some new guidance for AdMob banner ad implementation, updating the help center with some best practices and examples of what to do and what not to do.
  • Highly Requested Features Were Added To Twitter’s Digits
    [August 14, 2015] Back in October, Twitter launched its mobile app development platform Fabric, which is made up of three modular kits, including a Twitter kit, which includes Digits. Digits allows people to sign into apps using their phone number. As the company explained at the time:
  • Google Analtyics Powering App Annie’s In-App Analytics
    [July 14, 2015] App Annie, an app data service, which is in use by a reported 700,000 apps, just launched In-App Analytics in open beta with Google Analytics integration. The new offering can be used by developers to view usage metrics along with data from five major app stores and 34 ad platforms in one centralized dashboard.
  • Android M Permissions Detailed By Google
    [June 9, 2015] Google unveiled the developer preview of Android M last week, and among the new additions are some changes to permissions.
  • Facebook Provides Updates Concerning Their FbStart Program
    [May 15, 2015] In April of last year, Facebook announced FbStart, a program to give satartups developer tools and services from Facebook and partner companies to help them get their businesses to take off. The company opened it up to startups the following month. On Thursday, the company provided an update on the program, and revealed that it […]
  • URL Readability Still Matters
    [April 17, 2015] Over the years, many things that were important for optimization have become less so. But even as the search engines add, remove or tweak the factors in their algorithms, even things that become less important overall are still important.
  • Google Encouraging Webmasters To Auto-complete Web Forms For Mobile!
    [March 20, 2015] Google recently wrote an official blogpost on the Webmaster Central Blog, which is to encourage webmasters to adopt and thus implement autocomplete on web forms for your mobile sites.
  • Google Says They Don’t Have Whitelist Algorithms for Panda and Penguin
    [February 13, 2015] Google’s John Mueller in Google+ webmaster hangout addressed a question where he talked about the whitelists. He said that for some algorithms Google does have a whitelist but for others they did not.He specifically mentioned that for the Penguin and Panda algorithms, a whitelist or exception list does not exist.
  • Google Webmaster Team Offers Tips For Mobile Optimization
    [January 9, 2015] The Google Webmaster team will be offering tips, advice, and optimization techniques on mobile design options. The announcement was made on Google+: “There are three common configurations of #mobilefriendly sites: Responsive web design, dynamic serving, and separate mobile URLs. Whichever configuration you choose is up to you – Google supports all three. We’ll go into […]
  • Google Trying to Make CAPTCHA Less Annoying with reCAPTCHA
    [December 5, 2014] Google announced that it’s rolling out an API for reCAPTCHA, which it has dubbed “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything much about reCAPTCHA. Google acquired the company in 2009, and has since been using it to make the CAPTCHA experience on websites less annoying, among other things. A couple years, […]
  • Google Releases New Meta Tag to Disable the Sitelinks Search Box!
    [October 31, 2014] Last month, Google introduced a new and improved sitelinks search box within search results that made it easier for users to access content on the website directly through site-search page. It has now announced that the feature can be disabled completely by the Webmaster, following Google’s latest move. If a user performs Google search, the […]
  • Google Compute Engine Is Now More Affordable
    [October 3, 2014] Google just announced across-the-board price cuts on Compute Engine. Google already lowered pricing on core infrastructure, including compute and storage, earlier this year. Now, they’re cutting prices by about 10% for all instance types in every region.
  • Google’s Webmaster Tools API Gets Fresh Upgrade
    [September 15, 2014] Google announced that it has updated the Webmaster Tools API to make it more consistent with other Google APIs. Those who already use other Google APIs, the company says, should find this one easy to implement.
  • Now Build Interactive, Animated HTML5 Mobile Ads for Google Display Network Campaigns with Google Web Designer!
    [August 29, 2014] Google recently updated Google Web Designer to help advertisers build ad units customized for different screen sizes, from desktop to mobile. In a recent blog post in AdWords, Google explains how you can upload HTML5 ads built with Google Web Designer into Google Display Network campaigns.
  • Dev tip – How to Register an App with Facebook
    [July 31, 2014] So, you’ve been thinking about creating an app to run on facebook, so now what? Well, to begin you can take advantage of this great read from fbombmedia… enjoy!
  • Google Shares Its Thoughts On The Future of Apps and Search
    [July 8, 2014] Google launched app indexing earlier this year after testing it last fall. About a month ago, they expanded it into more languages.
  • Google Compute Engine Receives Usage Export Feature
    [June 12, 2014] Google has launched a new Compute Engine feature called Compute Engine Usage Export, which lets users export detailed reports about their usage data and get mroe granular insight into their Compute Engine usage at a resource level.
  • Crashlytics, Twitter’s Analytic Tool Coming To Mac OS X
    [May 12, 2014] Last year, Twitter acquired Crashlytics, a reporting tool for mobile app crashes. The company has kept the service alive as promised. The co-founders said at the time that development would continue, and it has. Today, Crashlytics announced that it is expanding beyond iOS and Android apps, and into Mac apps. Apparently they’ve had a lot […]
  • Matt Cutts Explains How Google Algorithm Changes Are Tested Before Implementation
    [April 21, 2014] There is a lot that goes on in the Google office, before the search engine giant gives the thumbs up to a particular algorithmic change. In the recent Webmaster Help video, Google’s head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts talks about how Google analyzes the quality of an algorithm change before deciding whether or not to […]
  • Don’t Delete Old Disavow Files, Simply Upload New Ones Instead
    [March 31, 2014] Don’t delete your old disavow file if you upload a new one because it “confuses folks”. Google’s Head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts announced on Twitter early Tuesday morning that you do not need to remove your old disavow links file before uploading a new one. This means that the next time you are going […]
  • How To Remove The Unnatural Link Penalty In Google
    [March 10, 2014] It is not very often that you get a one-on-one advice from Matt Cutts, Google's Head of Search Spam, as a response to a tweet? How frequently does Google listen to your problem and gives you a bonus by getting it solved within minutes? Hard to believe that a single tweet can be so powerful. […]